We understand our guests require our services during very trying times in their lives. We hope the below virtual tour of our home as well as testimonials from previous guests will help take away some of the unknown aspects of your stay.

Welcome to our Home

  • Welcome to the Fort Bragg Army Fisher House. We are very happy to provide you with a brief tour of our lovely home located within walking distance to Womack Army Medical Center.
  • Upon entering the home you'll be greeted by the bust of Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher who worked tirelessly supporting Military Families.
  • Our home has a lovely dinning room where our families can share meals. We have learned that after a long day at the hospital our families find sharing a meal with others going through a similar situation very comforting.
  • Across from our dinning room is our very comfortable living room. Here you will find ample seating and plenty of room to relax and visit.
  • Here is another view of our living room, as you can see we have a very impressive book collection that our residents are welcome to enjoy!
  • We have a very large wheelchair accessible kitchen for all of our families to share. The kitchen tends to be a popular gathering place in the house where we try to have snacks and fresh baked goods out for everyone to enjoy.
  • Each guest room is assigned shelf space in our refrigerator. Also, a kitchen cabinet will be assigned per room. This allows families to have a designated place to store their food items.
  • We offer the use of our laundry room to residents. This way you never have to worry about getting to a laundry mat. We also provide supplies needed for washing your laundry.
  • We are very proud of the Children's Room that we have at our home! It is filled with toys, books, movies and games to help keep children of all ages entertained!
  • We have a lovely and comfortable Family Room off of the kitchen. Our families find this space to be very cozy for relaxing after dinner.
  • We offer many different style rooms to accommodate our guests. We have rooms such as this one with a single bed and rooms with double beds. All rooms are spacious with a closet, desk and sitting area.
  • Each room has an adjoining private bathroom. Our bathrooms are wheelchair accessible and are stocked with toiletries and linens.
  • Here is another example of one of the layouts of our rooms. We hope you enjoyed your tour!