We have addressed some of the most common questions below. Please contact us with any additional questions!

What is the Fisher House?

  • Fisher Houses are comfortable homes that serve as a temporary residence near a military or VA medical facility where family members can eat, sleep, relax and find support from other families in similar situations.

Who is eligible to stay at the Fort Bragg Army Fisher House?

  • We are here to serve active duty, veterans, retirees, and their dependent(s) while actively receiving medical treatment at Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC)

How do I make a reservation?

  • Referrals to the Fisher House are most often made through a case manager or other hospital staff. However, the patient or family member may make a “self referral”. A referral is not a reservation. Please complete the form and return back to us no earlier than five (5) days prior to your arrival. If you are requesting more than one (1) night, please list all your appointments dates and time.
  • Once we are in receipt of your Fisher House Referral form, we will confirm receipt. You may expect a confirmation for your room request one (1) business day prior to your arrival.
  • We do suggest you have a backup reservation at one of the local hotels just in case we are unable to assist. Rooms are available on a medical priority basis; therefore, we recommend you have a backup plan for your lodging needs. Backup arrangements can be made through the IHG Army Hotels. For reservations call (877) 711-8326 or through online reservations at www.ihg.com/armyhotels/hotels/us/en/reservation.
  • Each patient/family is limited to one room. Rooms vary in size (two to three people). When the house is at full-occupancy we will maintain a waiting list. If you are making a referral, please visit our Referral Forms page for a copy of the Referral Form.

Will there be internet available?

  • Yes, there is complimentary WIFI available to guests of the Fisher House

What does it cost to stay at the Fisher House?

  • Families do not pay to stay at a Fisher House. Fees at Army, Navy and Air Force Fisher Houses are underwritten by Fisher House Foundation.

Are there any rules in place for those staying at the Fisher House?

Adherence to the following rules will ensure a safe and peaceful experience for all Fisher House guests. When an individual abuses the house or disrupts its harmony, that individual and family immediately forfeit their privileges at the Fisher House.

Family members are responsible for abiding by all house rules & policies. Each guest is required to sign a statement of understanding regarding this fact prior to admission into the facility.

Any guest who refuses to comply with the house rules or live in harmony with other guests may be asked to
leave with or without written notification.

Any of the following violations will result in immediate departure from the Fisher House:

  • Anger, hostility, or demands of preferential treatment
  • Damage to house or furnishings
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Unreasonable noise or language
  • Theft of property
  • Illicit use of Fisher House computers, including viewing pornography or participating in on-line gambling
  • Unauthorized use of rooms or unauthorized guests in rooms
  • Gambling, Soliciting, Vending and Selling Merchandise
  • Possession or use of weapons
  • Possession or use of illegal drugs or alcohol
  • Smoking inside the facility or “outside” of a smoking designated area
  • Violence or threats against other guests, volunteers or staff
  • Under no circumstances may patients be discharged from the hospital to the Fisher House. Nor do we permit patients on pass to the Fisher House. This policy is in place for infection control purposes, as well as, liability concerns.

The following regulations are in place to ensure the safety and comfort of all Fisher House guests. Initial infractions will result in a warning but subsequent violations may result in early departure from the Fisher House:

  • Exterior doors must be kept closed and locked when staff is not present. Never grant admittance to anyone you don’t know.
  • No food or beverages (except water) are permitted outside of the kitchen and dining room.
  • Children are the sole responsibility of their parent or guardian and must never be left on the premises alone. Children under the age of 12 must be under direct supervision of a family member, 18 years or older, at all times.
  • Quiet hours are from 9:00pm – 8:00am daily
  • Visiting hours are 9:00am – 9:00pm daily, limited to 2 visitors (no patients) up to 2 hours.
  • Guests and visitors must be appropriately dressed while staying at, or visiting the House. Shirts, shoes and/or slippers must be worn at all times in public areas. Night wear may be worn outside guest suites provided a housecoat or robe is also worn. Modesty is key here!
  • Guests are responsible for maintaining the individual cleanliness of their assigned rooms and cleaning up after themselves after use of common areas.
  • Mattress covers must be used on beds at all times.
  • Persons with chicken pox, measles, tuberculosis, MRSA or any other contagious diseases/illnesses will be excluded from the Fisher House. Guests must inform staff immediately should they develop these diseases during their stay.
  • The furniture in the common rooms is shared by all – please keep feet off the furniture and do not allow children to play on it. Under no circumstances are the sofas to be used as a sleeping space and/or to lie down. Additionally, no pillows, blankets or throws are to be brought into the common areas.
  • When changing diapers, please use a waterproof pad under your child on the floor.
  • Each room has a binder with complete house guidelines and other important information. Click here for a printable version of these guidelines.

Can I bring my pets?

  • No. For health reasons, and because we have a communal living arrangement, we cannot allow any animals on the Fisher House grounds. If you need to bring your pets with you, please make arrangements with one of the many boarding facilities in the area prior to your arrival. See below for kennel info in the Fayetteville area.
    • Carolina Grooming and Pet Products (910) 484-3656
    • Urban Dog Petcare (910) 822-3647
    • Pet Smart (910) 853-7148

What is provided? What should I bring?

The Fisher Houses provides most amenities to include toiletries, towels, linens, high chairs, booster seats, futons, bassinets, and ‘pack and plays’. Families are responsible for their own meals however; the kitchen is well furnished with the items needed for food preparation. Laundry area and detergent are provided.

Recommendations on “What to Pack” if you get called to Womack AMC, Fort Bragg, NC:

  1. Orders
  2. Identification for you (and your kids if they come with you)
  3. Medications ***Make sure you fill any prescriptions before you leave***. Have a POC & number should you need to fill your prescriptions at Womack AMC due to a long-term stay.
  4. Durable Power of Attorney
  5. Shot records if you bring your child(ren)
  6. Address/Contact Book
  7. Things that bring you comfort (personal bible; book; purse photo album of your family; a favorite shirt, etc. **Your child’s favorite comfort item**)
  8. Cell phone
  9. A small amount of cash/check book/credit card
  10. Night gear with robe and house shoes
  11. Clothing essentials for yourself and your child(ren) if they come
  12. A few essential clothing for your loved one
  13. Your doctor’s contact information
  14. Medical/Dental Insurance card
  15. The hospitals are always cold. Bring a few sweatshirts or a comfortable jacket
  16. Small familiar items (pics/letters/cards/music) for your loved one that you can place in his/her hospital room.

***Remember that many items such as toiletries, clothes and entertainment items will be available to you from the Fisher House.