Welcome to the Fort Bragg Army Fisher House

Welcome! We have a beautiful and inviting home conveniently situated within walking distance to the Womack Army Medical Center. We hope the following information will help clear up any questions you might have regarding your potential stay with us!


Below are the eligibility requirements for staying at the Fort Bragg Army Fisher House:

  • Must be a family member of a patient at Womack Army Medical Center.
  • Patient must be a service member, retiree, veteran, or dependent.
  • Family must be traveling more than 50 miles one way.
  • Patient may stay at house under certain circumstances:
    • have a non-medical attendant stay in the room with patient
    • must not have any medical devices attached for administering medications or collection of bodily fluids
    • must not have been discharged directly from the hospital
    • if traveling more than 50 miles, patient may stay the night prior to a surgery, procedure or appointment
    • at manager’s discretion
  • Patient and family members must not be currently contagious or infections.


It is our hope previous guest’s testimonials will help ease any anxiety about your potential stays with us!

“My brother has cancer and for spring break I decided to come here and spend Easter with him. The rest of my family is also here. I would like to thank the people who have provided us with a place to stay. I will be going back home after the break but my mom will continue to stay here. She has been here now for almost two months while my brother goes through chemotherapy. I thank the Fisher House for letting her stay here so she can be so close to take care of my brother and best friend.”

“Thank you Fisher House and Staff. We always feel the love in this home!”

“We loved the Fisher House! It was an enjoyable time, thank you for having us!”