We receive a large amount of our donation goal each year from fundraisers such as golf tournaments! We are always very happy to assist with fundraising events! We have several ideas for fundraisers from fun runs to wine parties if you require assistance! Please feel free to contact our Volunteer Coordinator with any questions at fbfhvolunteer@gmail.com.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can organizations host events at the Fisher House?

  • That depends; there are several factors we have to take into consideration before allowing a group to come into the house. Typically, we do NOT allow events to happen outside of normal business hours (0800-1630, Monday-Friday). You would need to get approval from the house manager.

Does the Fisher House have any marketing materials we can use for our fundraiser?

  • Yes! We will be happy to provide you with the many marketing items we have!

Can we use the Fisher House logo on our fundraising materials?

  • Yes, we are happy to provide you with our logo. We do reserve the right to approve how it is utilized.

In lieu of a fundraiser can our organization host a donation drive?