We truly appreciate every donation we receive no matter how big or small. Whether it be in the form of time, talent, donated items, or a monetary gift. We simply could not continue to provide the level of support we currently do without the gracious support of our donors.

Our annual donation goal is $300K; each Fisher House is responsible for generating its own funds. We receive non-appropriated funds, which cover utilities, maintenance, and staff salaries. All donations help fund and enhance daily operations at no cost to our guests. Donations cover expenses, such as but not limited, to: WiFi, phone service, cable TV, toiletries, linen service, toys, computers, phone cards, facility improvements, holiday décor and celebrations, and program expansion.

When families find themselves calling our house “home” they are facing a medical emergency. Often times they are the farthest they have ever been from home and completely overwhelmed. Our mission is to make them feel safe, comfortable and at home.

Your donations are crucial in our ability to provide this peace of mind and comfort.

How to Donate

You can donate directly to the Fort Bragg Army Fisher House online

Donate Now
  • We do fit the criteria for a not-for-profit status defined in 26 United States Code, Section 501 (c)(1).
  • Our Employer Identification Number is 76-0573980.
  • Donations made to the Fort Bragg Army Fisher Houses are tax deductible.
  • Please make checks payable to Fort Bragg Fisher House.
  • You can mail donations to:
    • Fort Bragg Fisher House
      3120 Loop Road
      P.O. Box 70006
      Fort Bragg, NC 28307-5000
      Attn: Vivian L. Wilson
  • Additionally, you can donate through our Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Our CFC number is: 65512

Commonly Asked Questions

If I make a donation to a specific Army Fisher House, will the money actually be spent there?

  • Donations made to a specific Army Fisher House are spent on that house. The money is used to improve the facility, provide amenities for the guests, celebrate holidays, and enhance the range of services provided.

Do you only accept monetary donations?

  • Not at all! We have a “Wish List” of items we are always in need of. Please see Donation of Needed Items for more information.

Can I deliver my monetary donation in person?

  • Absolutely, we keep office hours in both houses from 0800-1600 M-F.


“I just would like to thank the Fisher House for being such a blessing. Like blessing me with such a beautiful place to stay while being able to visit and spend valuable time with my grandson. In a time of so much pain and trouble; this place makes it so much more pleasant to go through such a hard time.”

“My husband and I are from Mississippi. He is an Active Duty Marine. We traveled this long distance so that I can seek medical treatment. My doctor’s office informed me about the Fisher House. My family and I are so grateful to be allowed to stay here. This is a very stressful time in our lives, but being ale to stay here has certainly lightened the load…we are forever grateful.”

“The Fisher House has been a home away from home. Love flows through the house, connecting people who would not have ever met, making friendships and memories. We are now part of the Fisher Family.”